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Tube Rotator L29

Tube Rotator L29

Very flexible and robust tube rotator suitable for serial rotation of 4 – 40 mm test tubes.

Holds up to 3 disks at a time. The speed is adjustable.

1 - 50 rpm

Part Number: LTF00290

Benefits Rotator L29

  • analog speed setting
  • Variable rotation angle (27° - 90°)
  • Up to 3 rotors can be installed simultaneously
  • Stable base


Optional Racks for Tube Rotator L29


RackImage RackDescription
Rack 10-28/32Disk with 10 clamps for tubes of 28–32 mm Ø
Rack 10-32/40Disk with 10 clamps for tubes of 32–40 mm Ø
Rack 12-25/28Disk with 12 clamps for tubes of 25–28 mm Ø
Rack 15-22/25Disk with 15 clamps for tubes of 22–25 mm Ø
Rack 18-19/22Disk with 18 clamps for tubes of 19–22 mm Ø
Rack 20-16/19Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 16–19 mm Ø
Rack 20-12/16Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 12–16 mm Ø
Rack 20-9/12Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 9–12 mm Ø
Rack 30-6/9Disk with 30 clamps for tubes of 6–9 mm Ø
Rack 40-4/6Disk with 40 clamps for tubes of 4–6 mm Ø
Rack 60Drum with 60 well for reagents
Number of positions1 for max 3 disks
Rotation speed (fixed)1 - 50 rpm
Speed controlanalog
Angle of rotation27° - 90° adjustable
max. load2 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 200 x 270 mm
Weight3.6 kg
Tube size Ø4 - 40 mm
Motor rating input40 W
Motor rating output35 W
Disk materialStainless steel
Material clampsSteel, Nylon
Permissible ambient temperature5 – 60 °C
Relative humidity80%
Voltage/Frequency230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power input60 W
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP 42


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