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Tube Rotator L28

Tube Rotator L28

Very flexible and robust tube rotator suitable for serial rotation of 4–40 mm test tubes.

Due to its selection of different rotors, this device can be used for a wide range of applications.

10 rpm

Part Number: LTF00289

Benefits of L28 Rotator

  • High stability
  • Solid basic device for the laboratory routine
  • 11 optional racks for all common tube sizes
  • 10 U/min permanently adjusted
  • Rotation angle adjustable 27° - 90°


Optional Racks for Tube Rotator L28

RackImage RackDescription
Rack 10-28/32Disk with 10 clamps for tubes of 28–32 mm Ø
Rack 10-32/40Disk with 10 clamps for tubes of 32–40 mm Ø
Rack 12-25/28Disk with 12 clamps for tubes of 25–28 mm Ø
Rack 15-22/25Disk with 15 clamps for tubes of 22–25 mm Ø
Rack 18-19/22Disk with 18 clamps for tubes of 19–22 mm Ø
Rack 20-16/19Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 16–19 mm Ø
Rack 20-12/16Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 12–16 mm Ø
Rack 20-9/12Disk with 20 clamps for tubes of 9–12 mm Ø
Rack 30-6/9Disk with 30 clamps for tubes of 6–9 mm Ø
Rack 40-4/6Disk with 40 clamps for tubes of 4–6 mm Ø
Rack 60Drum with 60 well for reagents


Number of positions1 for max 2 disks
Rotation speed (fixed)10 rpm
Angle of rotation27° - 90° adjustable
max. load1 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 200 x 220 mm
Weight2.6 kg
Tube size Ø4 - 40 mm
Motor rating input30 W
Motor rating output25 W
Disk materialStainless steel
Material clampsSteel, Nylon
Permissible ambient temperature5 – 60 °C
Relative humidity80%
Voltage/Frequency230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power input35 W
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP 42


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