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TurboFuge Centrifuge

Turbo Centrifuge

The TurboFuge is a compact microcentrifuge with 24 or 36 place capacity and a speed up to 15.000 rpm that satisfies a wide range of applications.
The robust ventilation design keeps the chamber temperature down in a quiet condition to protect sensitive samples.

Sensational about the TurboFuge is that although it is very fast, it is extremely quiet.

15.000 rpm, 21.400 x g

Part Number: 109.1500

Highspeed Centrifuge

Safety comes first in centrifugation:

  1. Intelligent imbalance detection.
    The rotor imbalance sensor turns the centrifuge off immediately if rotor imbalance is detected.
  2. The motorized dual lock.
    Ensures that the lid is always safely locked when the rotor is running.
  3. Robust Construction.
    Metal cover and metal chamber provide stability and solid protection against rotor imbalance and reduce noise to a minimum.
  4. Aerosol-tight metal rotor lid.
    Optionally selectable to prevent from the dispersal of hazardous aerosols.

Solid Construction and Software:

  • The solid construction of the metal chamber provides stability and ample protection from the hazard of rotor imbalance.
  • Autoclavable aluminum rotor withstands strong acids and bases to ensure an unlimited life cycle.
  • Lid drop protection. The lid is held at 30-40 degrees to allow easy loading and unloading of tubes.
  • Auto Lid: Lid opens automatically after a run.
  • Alarm: Generates a sound that corresponds to the operation.
  • Slow: Soft acceleration and breaking time for sensitive cells
  • Count up: Counts the time after a run.
  • Short Spin: Short run at set speed(rpm) or gx force(rcf)
  • Display: Blue/red during operation
    Blue display if lid is open

Improved Sample Protection and Reliability


Max. Speed15.000 rpm
Max. RCF21.400 x g
Max. Capacity24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml or 36 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml
Acceleration Time15 sec / 90 sec
Deceleration Time9 sec
Timer30 sec - 99 min continous mode
SafetyMetal chamber, aluminum rotor,
motorized dual lock, imbalance detection,
lid drop protection
Power SupplyVAC 240, 50/60 Hz
Power Requirement230 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)25 x 34 x 24 cm
Weight without rotor10 kg
CertificationsCE, RoHs


Introducing TurboFuge Mircocentrifuge │Blue-Ray Biotech

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