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Thermo Shaker TS-100

Thermo shaker for microtubes and PCR plates

Thermo–Shaker TS-100 provides intensive mixing and temperature control of samples in microtest tubes or PCR plate.
Functions of heating (up to +100°C) and mixing can be performed both simultaneously and independently, i.e. the unit implements three devices in one:
1. Shaker
2. Dry block thermostat
3. Thermo shaker

Basic unit without block! Choose the right block for your needs under Technical Data.

Temperature Range +25°C up to +100°C

Part Number: 104.1790

For DNA/RNA analysis and sample preparation

Features of TS-100 meet the increased requirements of the user, including:

  • Quickly reaches the set mixing speed and maintains same amplitude of rotation around the block;
  • Stable maintenance of the temperature of a wide range over the entire surface of the block;
  • LCD display shows the set and actual temperature, speed and time;
  • Quiet engine operation, compact size, long service life.

Heating source is a printed heating board (12 V). Mixing is provided by movement of orbital type.

The instrument is applicable in:

  • Genetic analysis — in extraction of DNA, RNA and further sample preparation
  • Biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and processes
  • Extraction of metabolites from cellular material

Temperature Calibration Function

With the help of the temperature calibration function the user can calibrate the unit approx. ±6% of the selected temperature to compensate differences in the thermal behaviour of tubes from different manufacturers.



Temperature setting range

+25°C ... +100°C

Temperature control range

5°C above ambient ... +100°C

Temperature setting resolution


Temperature stability


Temperature accuracy at +37°C


Average heating speed from +25°C to +100°C


Temperature uniformity over the block


at +37°C


at +60°C


at +100°C


Temperature calibration coefficient range

0.936...1.063 (± 0.063)

Speed control range

250 – 1400 rpm

Acceleration time

3 s


2 mm

Microprocessor controlled temperature, mixing speed and operation time



LCD, 16 x 2 signs

Digital time setting

1 min – 96 hrs (1 min increment)

Maximum continuous operation time

max. 96 hours

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)

205 x 230 x 130 mm


3.2 kg

Input current/power consumption

12 V, 3.5 A / 42 W

External power supply

Input AC 240 V; 50/60 Hz;
Output DC 12 V

Block Spezification




Tube Volume  

Part Nr.


20 and 12 microtubes  

0.5 and 1.5 ml



20 and 12 microtubes

0.2 aund 1.5 ml



24 microtubes

2 ml



24 microtubes

1.5 ml



96-well microplate (0.2 ml) for PCR



Are there any blocks for Deep well plates?

No, there are no blocks for deep well plates for this instrument. TS-100 is designed to provide high temperature uniformity, stability and accuracy in microtubes and PCR plates. Please, see TS-DW, Thermo-Shaker for deep well plates.

Is any block included in the standard supply set?
No, we offer 5 blocks you can choose from to select best suited for your application. Blocks should be ordered separately. Choose blocks at Technical Data.

How long will it take for the instrument to heat up from room temperature to maximum temperature?
It takes around 15 minutes.

Does it have a temperature calibration function?
Yes, it does. Calibration procedure is described in the user manual point 6.

TS-100, Thermo-Shaker for microtubes and PCR plates

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