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Thermoshaker Microplates DTS-2/4

Thermoshaker, Incubator Shaker

With the capacity of two or four microplates, more samples can be processed simultaneously with the DTS series.

For maximum performance, the DTS series offers an ideal rotation orbit of 2 mm and is suitable for all standard microplates.

Digital thermostatic shakers of the DTS series make it amazingly simple to control time, temperature, and RPM settings, giving maximal comfort and flexibility.


Temperature Range +3°C up to +60°C

Part Number: LTF00215

For 2 or 4 Standard Microplates Plates

You can process 2 or 4 microplates simultaneously - more plates without sacrificing valuable laboratory benchtop space while quality and performance are maintained at peak levels.

1.5 mm Rotation Orbit

Optimally chosen orbit of rotation gives an exceptionally good performance while working with any kind of standard microplate.

Bi-directional Heating System

The hermetic thermostatic container of the digital thermostatic shakers DTS-x is equipped with a bi-directional heating system with heaters in the platform and in the lead heating the whole volume uniformly. This insures undependability of the room temperature, excellent temperature uniformity across the plates and eliminates any condensation, giving only the best results even if micro-volumes of samples are used.

Simultaneous Display of all the Adjustments and Parameters

By having a separate display for each adjustable parameter, digital thermostatic shakers DTS-x make it amazingly simple to control time, temperature, and RPM settings, giving maximal comfort and flexibility. Autonomous memory for storing user settings. Even if the machine is unplugged from the power supply, all the user settings will remain in the energy-independent memory, adding extra protection and user comfort.


for 2 Microtiterplates

for 4 Microtiterplates


Platform rotation orbit

1.5 mm (orbital)

1.5 mm (orbital)


1 min bis 999 min

1 min bis 999 min

Platform rotation speed

100 - 1300 rpm

100 - 1300 rpm

Ambient temperature range

 +4°C up to + 40°C

 +4°C up to + 40°C

Relative atmosphere moisture at 20°C

max. 80 %

max. 80 %

Temperature range

+ 5°C up to 60°C

+ 5°C up to 60°C

Temperature control accuracy

 +/- 0.1 °C

 +/- 0.1 °C

External dimensions (LxWxH)

347 x 275 x 115 mm

420 x 310 x 115 mm


 6.2 kg

7.8 kg




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