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Ultrapure Water System LabAqua

LabAqua Ultrapure Water-System

The Labaqua systems produce ultrapure and fresh water directly from tap water.

These water purification systems are available in three versions for:

  • Inorganic analysis methods
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Molecular biology
30 liters

Part Number: LTF00295


Any configuration of a LabAqua Ultrapure System produces both ultrapure and pure water. Ultrapure (Grade 1) water is dispensed through the point-of-use filter on the front panel. Pure (Grade 2) water is dispensed directly from the storage tank.

Benefits of LabAqua

Volumetric dispense
Enables the user to set accurate dispensing volume for each dispense cycle. The dispense volume can be set either from the keyboard or by using “teaching” mode.

Water quality
Embedded recirculation loop ensures stable premium water quality and enables practical elimination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

Low running costs
Performance of the deionization and polishing modules is constantly monitored. Monitoring algorithm enables cutting running costs, as replacement of the modules is requested only when service life is close to the end.

Color graphic LCD display
System component status is reflected on the display in an intuitive color pattern (Green/Yellow/Red).

System flowchart
Shows all component status and water quality parameters at a glance.

3 Models
Labaqua Trace: Ready-to-use microfilter
Labaqua HPLC: Ready-to-use microfilter and TOC monitor
Labaqua Bio: Ready-to-use microfilter, UV sterilization module and TOC monitor

General laboratory
Glassware rinsingyesyesyes
 Laboratory washersyesyesyes
 Wet chemistryyesyesyes
 Buffer and media preparationyesyesyes
 Reagent preparationyesyesyes
Inorganic analysis methodsFlame atomic absorption spectrophotometrieyesyesyes
 Graphite atomizer atomic absorption spectrophotometryyesyesyes
 Plasma mass-spectrometry (ICPMS)yesyesyes
 Plasma spectrophotometry (ICPOES)yesyesyes
 Ion chromatography (HPLC/UHPLC)-yesyes
analysis methods
Liquid chromatography (HPLC/UHPLC)-yesyes
 Gas chromatography-yesyes
 TOC (Total Organic Carbon) measurements-yesyes
Molecular biologyFlow cytometry--yes
 Cell and tissue culture--yes
 Molecular biology--yes

Accessories inclusive

  • Boost pump
  • Pre-filter set
  • Reverse osmosis module
  • Deionization module
  • Final stage polishing module
  • 30L storage tank with an integrated Grade 2 dispensing valve
  • Recirculation system

Accessories optional

  • External pre-filter set polyphosphate/carbon/1 µm with manometer
  • External pre-filter set carbon/1 μm with manometer
  • Internal prefilter set
  • RO membrane (30 L/h)
  • Polishing module
  • Deionization module
  • Microfilter 0.22 µm non sterile
  • Microfilter 0.22 µm sterile
  • Ultrafilter
  • UV bulb 254 nm
  • UV bulb 185 nm
Ultrapure (Grade 1)
water resistivity
18.2 MΩ x cm
Ultrapure (Grade 1)
water conductivity
0.055 µS/cm
Pure (Grade 2)
water resistivity
> 10 MΩ x cm
Pure (Grade 2)
water conductivity
< 0.1 μS/cm
TOC< 30 ppb
Bacteria< 1 CFU/mL
Endotoxins< 0.15 EU/mL
Particles > 0,22 μm< 1/mL
Deionization module life (standard module)1 m3
Storage tank30 L
Feed water pressure0.5 – 5 bar
Feed water conductivity< 1300 μS/cm
Dimensions (W x D x H)320 × 560 × 620 mm
Weight24 kg
Power consumption130 W
Nominal operating voltage230 V / 50/60 Hz

Accessories for LabAqua Systems

External polyphosphate/carbon filter
External carbon filter
internal prefilter
RO membrane
Polishing/Deionization module

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