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Multi-Speed-Vortex - MSV-3500

Vortex MSV-3500 for up to 32 Tubes

The Multi Speed Vortex MSV-3500 is designed for gentle or intensive mixing of reagents.

MSV-3500 mixes tubes of different sizes and types from 0.2 – 50 ml.


  • Biochemistry
  • Cell and molecular biology
300 - 3500 rpm

Power Vortex for Intensive Mixing

Speed and time are controlled by a microprocessor. The LCD display shows two lines of values: the set and actual temperature and time values.

The device offers a high maximum rotation speed and thus effectively mixes micro-volumes (below 5 μl).


Four types of interchangeable platforms are included in delivery package.

For 4 x 50 ml tubes
Diameter: 30 mm
For 8 x 15 ml tubes
Diameter: 16 mm
For 16 x 1.5 ml +
8 x 0.5 ml + 8 x 0.2 ml microtubes
Diameter: 11 / 8 / 6 mm
For 10 x 10 ml tubes
Diameter: 12 mm


Order No.
Vortex MSV-3500

incl. set with four platforms
Eccentric mixing principleyes
Speed control range300 – 3.500* rpm
* Maximum speed depends on load
Acceleration time15 s (max)
Orbit4 mm
DisplayLCD, 2 x 16 signs
Timer sound signalyes
Maximum load0.2 kg
Maximum continuous operation time8 hrs
Digital time setting0 – 60 min /non-stop
Dimensions (W x D x H)180 x 170 x 145 mm
Weight2.6 kg
Input current/power consumption12 V, 1 A / 12 W
External power supplyInput AC 100 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz;
Output DC 12 V


MSV-3500, Multi Speed Vortex

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