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UVC Disinfection Lock Large

UVC Disinfection Lock Large

The locks are designed to eliminate unwanted microorganisms from various surfaces.

The high-quality, compact stainless steel housing
is mirrored on the inside. The device is, like an airlock, equipped with two viewing flaps made of poly-carbonate (MACROLON®, UV-resistant and UV-impermeable). These serve for safe UV-C shielding.

Furthermore, the UV units are equipped with a timer for individual time setting and with safety switches for reliable personal protection.
automatic shutdown of the radiators when the flaps are opened.

60 W / 120 W

UVC Disinfection Box Large

The UV-C light is used for the targeted killing or damage of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeast and molds) by 99.99%.
After placing the items in the compact stainless steel housing, the unit is started and the process begins. The UV airlock can be loaded from both sides.

Due to the mirrored inner sheet, high efficiency is ensured, the utensils are reliably disinfected.


  • Several trays
  • Large viewing window
  • Digital timer
  • Mounting/maintenance suspension device
  • For wall mounting
  • Ready to plug in - cable length 3 m
  • Spotlight can be changed by the user
ModelDS Large 400DS Large 440
Dimensions exterior (H x W x D)425 x 500 x 490 mm425 x 615 x 495 mm
Dimensions interior (H x W x D)300 × 495 × 395315 × 538 × 390
Material HousingStainless Steel V2A
UV Source5 x 254 nm (12.000 h)
ConnectionSupply cable with Euro plug 3 m
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 – 60 Hz)
Power60 W120 W
Weightca. 18 kgca. 21 kg
Protection classCE 
Optional equipmentQuartz plate available as overlay (no shadowing)

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