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HEPA Cabinet UV

UV PCR-System with Recirculator

The UVP PCR HEPA Workstation include a two-stage filter module with built-in 254 nm shortwave UV light source. The HEPA system circulates filtered and decontaminated air into the PCR chamber, first through the Carbon pre-filter on the side and then through the HEPA filter at the top.

Another access door inside the workspace provides easy access to replace the HEPA filter when indicated by the status light on the touchscree control panel.

2 models available: With or without HEPA filter (the exact part number see at technical data!)

with or without HEPA

Part Number: LTF00313


UV PCR hoods use shortwave ultraviolet to control PCR contamination. HEPA/UV PCR systems additionally use a three-stage filter system.

  • Three-stage filter system:
    1. Pre-filter captures large dust particles
    2. Carbon filter (activated charcoal) eliminates gases, odor, smoke and also reduces ozone to improve microarray data quality
    3. HEPA (high efficiency energy particulate) filter blocks particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Three UV (UV3) sources:
    1. Filter area
    2. Chamber work area
    3. UV/air recirculator
  • A 30-minute timer sets shortwave UV exposure to decontaminate apparatus and work chamber for specific times
  • Antimicrobial coated metal surfaces reduce bacterial growth
  • A safety shut-off switch automatically turns the ultraviolet light off when the door is open
  • Place large instruments on the work area or tubes, flasks and pipettes on the two removable shelves
  • Built-in power outlets allow operation of equipment for use in PCR applications
  • Makrolon® panels are specially formulated to block UV wavelengths below 400nm
ModelUVP PCR WorkstationUVP HEPA PCR Workstation
UV Source (254 nm)Inside the work area
Air circulation at the bottom
Pre-filter chamber
Inside the work area
Air circulation at the bottom
UV SafetyUV shut-off switches in all the chambers
Red LED ambient light to indicate UV on
White lightOverhead white LED lights brightly illuminates the work area
Filter moduleNo filter2-stage filter module: Carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter
Timer15 min, 30 min, custom (up to 99 min)
Power outlets2
Work surfaceAntimicrobial coated stainless steel and aluminium
Dimensions exterior (W x D x H)826 x 616 x 991 mm
Dimensions interior (W x D x H)826 x 616 x 991 mm
Part number112.0029112.0026


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