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Gel Documentation System Essential V6

Gel-Documentation System Essential V6

Compact and high-end gel documentation system for DNA, RNA and protein gel images with ultimate 16-bit imaging.

Ideal for laboratory image acquisition, editing and accurate quantitative protein analysis.

DNA/Protein Gels

Compact Gel Imaging System for Routine Work


  • DNA/RNA gels
    - Ethidium Bromide & safe stains: GelRed, GelGreen, Midori, Emerald, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Safe/Gold, Bodiply, DAPI, Sypro Ruby… . 

  • Colorimetric stained protein gels
    - Coomassie, Cooper, Silver, Ponceau S Red…

  • Stain-free enabled, with live-acquisition mode.
  • Visible imaging; colony dish, X-ray films... .


  • Fully-automated system with one-click© image acquisition process
  • 2017 D'tech© darkroom conzept:
    - 100% stainless-steel made
    - Full door aperture & darkroom access
    - Fully slide-out transilluminator
  • 3D-visualization© & live-3D© acquisition mode
  • Uvipure© patented technology

Essential V6 Order No.: 115.1800


  • Stainless-steel made for extreme robustness
  • Long lasting chemical-resistant Epoxy paint
  • Fully plug-and-play: power & USB cables only
  • Filter-wheel-free: cover all your gel imaging applications with one single filter (F-590 included)
  • Full door aperture for easy darkroom access
  • Fully slide-out built-in transilluminator
  • Uvipure© patented technology available
  • 100% software-controlled darkroom & exposure
  • One-click© image acquisition process


  • 3-megapixel native resolution
  • 16-Bit
  • 65.535 shades of grey
  • > 4,0 OD dynamic range
  • 26 x 21 cm field of view
  • Passive cooling system for reduced background
  • High-speed USB technology for faster capture


  • Epi-white LED pannels
  • Transilluminator: 312nm, 20 x 20 cm


  • Trans white or blue light (conversion screens)
  • Large choice of up to 17 emission filters


  • Uvitec-1D© license-free software included:
    - Unlimited users & computer installations
    - Default and fully-customizable protocols
    - Acquisition modes: Auto, Manual, Preview
    - 3D visualization and live-3D© acquisition modes
  • Numerous image enhancement tools: text, crop, rotate, background subtraction, artifact corrections…
  • Unlimited analysis: quantification/normalization, MW, distance calculation/R&F, colony counting. 
  • 21-CFR-part-11 ready & compliant

H x W x D: 585 x 380 x 475 mm
Weight: 36 kg (30 kg without pad)


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