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Centrifuge + Vortex CVP-2

Centrifuge/vortex for PCR plates

CVP-2 is a fully automatic device for reproducing sms–algorithm for 2 PCR plates at the same time, thus saving time considerably.

A must-have instrument for PCR and DNA analyses laboratory.

Application 300 - 1.500 RPM, PCR plates

Part Number: 109.3030

Centrifuge and vortex for 96-/384-Well

The Spin–Mix–Spin technology is intended to spin-down micro volumes of reagents on the well's bottom (first centrifugation spin), following mixing (mix) and spin-down the reagents again from the walls and cap of the well (second spin).

We named this repetitive algorithm of operation that is aimed at reducing the mistakes during sample preparation for PCR analysis a “sms–algorithm”. This algorithm is registered by Biosan.

CVP-2 is 4 devices in 1

  1. Centrifuge - Max. RCF: 245 × g (1500 rpm)
  2. Vortex (300–1200 rpm; Vortexing regulation timer 0–60 sec)
  3. Centrifuge/Vortex
  4. SMS-Cycler for realization of the “sms–algorithm”
Speed regulation range300–1500 rpm
Min. RCF at 1500 rpm175 × g
Vortex regulation range300 – 1200 rpm
Setting resolution100 rpm
DisplayLCD, 2 x 16 Zeichen
Centrifugation mode time range0 – 30 min (increment 1 s; after 1 min - 1 min)
Vortex mode time range0 – 60 sec (increment 1 sec)
Number of cycles1 – 999
Chamber diameter210 mm
Overall dimensions (W×D×H)285 × 350 × 190 mm
Weight6,15 kg
Input current/power consumption12 V, 1,5 A / 18 W
External power supplyInput AC 240 V 50/60 Hz;
Output DC 12 V
Plate type

Without adapter:
96-well skirted PCR plates, PCR strips in a frame;

With adapter AP-96*:
96-well semi-skirted and non-skirted PCR plates;

With adapter AP-384*:
384-well PCR plates;

* - Adapters are made of Ertacetal® C. Autoclavable


CVP-2, Centrifuge/Vortex for PCR plates

Comparison of CVP-2

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