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XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Mini Kit

Mini kits for manual extraction

The XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Mini Kit uses magnetic nanoparticles-based technology to allow efficient and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from fresh or frozen tissues and cell lines.

  • Standardized protocol for easy DNA extraction
  • High yields with minimum sample input
  • High quality DNA for downstream applications

The exact part number can be found in the table under Technical Data.

25 or 50 reactions

Part Number: LTF00246

The XpressDNATM Tissue Mini Kit allows efficient and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from a wide variety of tissue samples. The kit, available to process 50 -100 mg sample size, performs consistently than, the traditional extraction methods, producing higher yields of pure DNA.

Accessory MagnaStand

The MagnaStand consists of a base station and a tube holder moulded together. The tube holder can accommodate 12 microcentrifuge tubes. The base of the MagnaStand contains six rare-earth magnets, that comes in contact with the microcentrifuge tube when in-use.   

  • Capacity: 12 microcentrifuge tubes
  • Product size: 1 each
  • Storage & Shipping: Room temperature

Kit contents

The XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Mini Kit is available to process 25 and 50 samples.

Components25 reactions50 reactions
Part Number111.0101111.0100
Lysis Buffer20 ml40 ml
MagNa Mix10 ml20 ml
Wash Buffer 15 ml10 ml
Wash Buffer 28 ml16 ml
Proteinase K (Lyophilized)10 mg/0.5 ml20 mg/ml
Proteinase K Buffer0.5 ml1 ml
RNase Solution10 mg/0.5 ml20 mg/ml



XpressDNA tissue kit by MagGenome technologies

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