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EASY 4/8 UVC Air / Surface Disinfection

Mobile UV-C Room Disinfection

The Easy UV series offers you a sustainable and cost-optimized solution to inactivate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in closed rooms.

These mobile UV-C systems are used for the disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms without people being present and allow 360° treatment.


  • Hospital rooms, care facilities
  • Production, work and storage rooms
  • Canteens
  • Business premises
  • Day care centers, schools
  • Sports and fitness rooms
  • Function rooms

*Please refer to the technical data for the exact order number.

280 W / 560 W

Part Number: LTF00324*

Easy 4/8 Air and Surface Disinfection

Very easy handling

  • Insert the mains plug into the 230 V socket.
  • Switch on unit and set desired irradiation duration.
  • Press start key and leave the room.
  • Acoustic and visual status feedback after disinfection.
  • Lamps can be changed by the user.


  • Stainless steel frame and control panel
  • Four steerable and lockable rollers
  • Protective grate prevents tube breakage
  • UV translucent protective glazing protection minimizes the risk of splintering in case of tube breakage
  • A low center of gravity prevents the device from tilting
  • Absolute personal safety thanks to motion sensors with automatic shutdown**
  • The EASY UV 4/8 is operated via a Siemens control module
  • Acoustic and visual warning signals

UV-C room disinfection can prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms by destroying the DNA structure.

The EASY UV series thus makes an important contribution to minimizing possible infection paths of COVID-19 as well as other infectious diseases and can thus ensure secure operation in your company.

**Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with ultraviolet sources. Shortwave UV radiation especially can cause delayed reaction of sunburn to unprotected eyes and skin.

ModelEasy Uv4Easy Uv8
Order number110.5554110.5558
Dimensions (L x W x H)420 x 320 x 1800 mm420 x 320 x 1800 mm
MaterialStainless steel 1.4301Stainless steel 1.4301
Number of lamps4 x UV-C (254 nm)8 x UV-C (254 nm)
Disinfection performanceca. 40 m2ca. 80 m2
Lifetime UV Lamps13.000 h13.000 h
Operating hours indicatoryes, with warningyes, with warning
Power280 W560 W
Voltage230 V (50 Hz)230 V (50 Hz)
Connection cable length10 m15 m
Weight28 kg35 kg
Protection class IP 54 IP 54
SafetyStart delay
Motion detector
Splinter protection
Start delay
Motion detector
Splinter protection
Control systemSiemens with touch displaySiemens with touch display


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