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ULE Series Air Disinfection Units

UV-C Air Purifiers

The ULE series convinces through design and performance. UV disinfection for room air - space-saving, low-noise and visually appealing.

The powder-coated, modern housing reliably protects people in the room from UV-C radiation and produces neither ozone nor other pollutants.

Reliably inactivates influenza and corona viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2 and their mutations).

As a stand model with base or castors, or for wall/ceiling mounting.

Available in different strengths.


  • Waiting rooms, medical practices and clinics
  • Treatment and therapy rooms
  • Care facilities
  • Schools, kindergartens, educational institutions
  • Offices, meeting rooms...
  • Hospitality
  • etc.
60 - 450 W, UVC-Housing

UVC Aerosol Disinfection

The special design of the high-quality powder-coated housing ensures reliable shielding of the UV-C light for people who are in the room.
The circulating air disinfection starts by simply pressing the pressure switch.

The very quiet fan makes it possible to use the device, which is operated by a pressure switch, quickly and effectively in many areas.

Mode of Action
Very high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction. The used wavelength of 253.7 nm is absorbed by the cell nucleic acids and leads, depending on the irradiation dose, to the killing or damage of the bacteria and fungal spores.

UV-C light therefore leads to the targeted killing or inactivation of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and fungal spores) by up to 99.99%.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Simple operation
  • Modern design
  • Extremely quiet
  • No disturbing air noise
  • Low maintenance
  • People are safely protected from UV-C radiation
  • Produces neither ozone nor other pollutants
  • Chemical-free
Order No.110.5519110.5560110.5561110.5562
Air flow rate*ca. 115 m2/hca. 330 m2/hca. 600 m2/hca. 900 m2/h
Power60 W200 W300 W450 W
Operating hours of the
UV-C tubes
up to 16.000
(H x W x D)

600 x 600 x 100 mm

860 x 860 x 210 mm860 x 860 x 315 mm860 x 860 x 315 mm
Material HousingSteel powder coated
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz (±10%)
Noise level at 1 m36 dB40 dB(A)40 dB(A)47 dB(A)
Weight15 kg39 kg49 kg49 kg

* at room air approx. 20°C, humidity 50%.
** Housing size without stand or wall mount; dimensions vary depending on device version.

Sample Calculations

Room ExampleMeetingroomOffice for 2Waiting room
Medical practice
Class roomRestaurant
Room size25 m225 m225 m270 m2100 m2
Room volume63 m363 m363 m3175 m3250 m3
Number of persons6232535
Duration of stay2 h7 h1 h2 h2 h
Device model1 x ULE-051 x ULE-M1 x ULE-051 x ULE-M1 x ULE-051 x ULE-M1 x ULE-L2 x ULE-L1 x ULE-L1 x ULE-XL
1 x ULE-L
Reduction of the risk
of infection by [%] due
to air purifiers
> 70 %> 80 %> 70 %> 80 %> 70 %> 80 %> 70 %> 80 %> 70 %> 80 %
Reduction of infection
risk by air purifier +
1x shock ventilation/h
by [%].
> 80 %> 90 %> 80 %> 90 %> 80 %> 90 %> 80 %> 90 %> 80 %> 90 %

Based on "COVID 19 Aerosol Transmission Risk Calculator" of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry: https://www.mpic.de/4747361/risk-calculator
Assumptions: Room height= 2.5m; sedentary activity of persons; persons do not wear masks; proportion of speech 20%; calculation example 4-person
office: risk of infection that at least one other participant is infected if one person is highly infectious; without air purifier 50%, with air purifier Q600 6.6%,
results in a reduction of the risk of infection by >80%.

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