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Nabi UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer for cuvette and microvolume samples

Nabi, UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer, measures samples in microvolume with high accuracy, outstanding precision, and superb repeatability.


  • Protein Concentration
  • Cell Concentration
  • End-Point
  • Kinetic
  • Spectrum
Cuvette and microvolume

Part Number: LTF00303

Benefits of Nabi Nano Spectrophotometer

  • Measures both cuvette and microvolume samples in one system
  • Measurement of individual wavelengths and spectral analysis with spectrometer technology
  • Has a wide wavelength range from
  • 190 – 1100 nm
  • Stand-alone, perform all functions without PC
  • Data transfer via USB
  • Very compact and lightweight (5 kg)
  • 7" touch screen

Variety and Precision during Detection

  • End Point & Kinetik-Mode
  • High-Speed Spectrum Reading (5 Seconds)
  • Accurate Detection (less than ±0.002)
  • Wide range of wavelength detection with cuvette
  • Nano volume sample measurement
  • (Nukleinc acid / Protein)
  • High repeatability in quantitative measurement for nucleic acid

Result Analysis

  • Single wavelength / Spectrum selection
  • End-Point / Kinetic Mode selection
  • Quantitative measurements for nucleic acid, protein etc.
  • Cell Concentration
  • Simple data backup and software upgrade via USB Flash Drive
  • Easy confirm the result via graphical presentation

General Specification

Light sourceXenon flash lamp
DetectorCCD (2.048 pixels)
Wavelength accuracy±1 nm
Wavelength range200 nm – 1110 nm
Spectral resolution0.3 nm
Dimension (W x D x H)220 x 280 x 220 mm
Weight3 kg
Operator voltage240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption80 – 100 W
LCD touch panel7.0"

Nano Volume Specification

Absorbance precision1% at 100 ng/µl
Absorbance range0 – 300 Abs.
(10 nm equivalent)
Detection limit2 ng/µl (dsDNA)
Maximum concentration15.000 ng/µl (dsDNA)
Measurement time5 sec
Minimum sample size1 µl
Path length0.01 – 1.2 mm

Cuvette Specification

Beam height8.5 mm
Absorbance range0.002 – 2.0 Abs.
Measurement time3 sec


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