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UV Safety glasses for laboratory

UV Goggles SafetyTOP / SafetyFLEX

UV lamps and transilluminators are powerful sources of UV. It is dangerous to expose yourself unprotected to the radiation of UV lamps.

Short-wave (254 nm) and medium-wave (312 nm) UV light damages eyes and skin.
Long-wave (365 nm) UV light can also affect people who are sensitive or taking medication.

We therefore strongly recommend that you protect yourself against UV radiation by wearing protective eyewear or face visors.

Models SafetyTOP / SafetyFLEX block wavelength from 200 - 380 nm.

*Please refer to the technical data for the exact order number.

200 - 380 nm

UV Safety Glasses

These safety glasses can be worn as over glasses over conventional eyeglass frames. Material: impact resistant polycarbonate.

Lightweight and comfortable goggles that provide all-around UV protection to the eyes with additional top and side shields.

The goggles block ultraviolet radiation while providing optimal contrast in vision through crystal clear lenses. Reduce eye fatigue.

Two models available

  • SafetyTOP with fixed side temples
  • SafteyFLEX with flexible side temples


  • Single frame for better visibility
  • Wide side frames for better protection
  • Material: impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Fit over standard prescription glasses
  • Anti-fog/anti-scratch coatings. Reduce eye fatigue
Order No.SafetyTOP:  110.4800
SafetyFLEX: 110.4801
(with flexible temples)
Weight40 g
Frame typeRimless
Material frame and glassesPolycarbonate
Colour of framecrystal
Colour of glassesclear
EN NormsEN 166, EN 170
Accessoriesadjustable goggle strap
Adjustable lenght templesonly model SafetyFLEX
StandardsAS/NZS 1337.1:2010
ANSI Z81.1-2015

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