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Gradient Cycler Turbo Lite

Gradient TurboCycler Lite

The TurboLite is apowerful, reliable and affordable thermal cycler for all standard PCR applications.

It has gradient function that enables the user to set maximum 24 °C temperature gradient between the left and right columns in the sample block at each temperature.

TurboLite has a high heating rate, fast boot up, and accurate temperature control. It ensures efficient and accurate PCR processing.


  • PCR
  • CRISPR assays
  • NGS sample pretreatment
Well 96-well, 0.2 ml PCR Tubes

Gradient Cycler TurboLite

The unit is compact in size and has front-to-back venting which allows machines to be placed side-by-side.
This feature helps to reduce heat interference with other equipments.

 All these features make it an ideal solution for growing service centers and the education market while keeping the cost down.

Temperature increment/decrement function makes touchdown PCR possible.
Unique design enables slow ramp incubaion for CRISPR/Cas related assay.

  • Intuitive Operation Experience
    Touch keypad + intuitive graphic interface
    The large liquid crystal module (LCM) display with touch keypad enhances visibility and ease-of-operation.
  • Easy to use lid construction
    The lid has an adjustable heating temperature. The pressure loaded lid prevents the formation of condensation.
  • Fully Adjustable Lid Temperature
    The temperature can be set between 35 and 120°C for virtually any type of experiment including NGS pre-treatment.
  • Advanced Slow-Ramp Temperature Control
    The ramp rate can be precisely controlled down to 0.1 °C/sec to meet the need for the CRISPR/Cas related assays
  • A simple and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Gradient Optimization
    The gradient function enables optimization of annealing temperatures
  • Preset protocol templates make starting amplification easier
  • Automatically creates operating history and error logs
  • Easy Disinfection
    The dust and aerosol proof keypad can be easily disinfected
  • Auto Restart
    Power failure recovery keeps the experiment safe
Order No.112.6000
Sample Block 
 Sample BlockFixed 96-well, compatible with regular profile or low profile 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip, non-skirted, semi-skirted and full-skirted 96-well plate
Sample Volume10 – 100 µl
Block Temperature 
Temperature Range4.0 – 99.9 °C
Max. Heating Rate3.0 °C/sec
Max. Cooling Rate2.0 °C/sec
Temperature Accuracy± 0.3 °C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block± 0.5 °C
Adjustable Ramp RateHigh / Low
Slow-Ramp Temperature ControlVia temperature increment / decrement between cycles
Gradient Temperature 
Gradient DirectionHorizontal across the block
Gradient Temperature Range30 – 99 °C
Gradient Temperature DifferenceMax. span 24 °C
Heated Lid 
Temperature Setting Range35 – 120 °C or off
Temperature Accuracy± 1.0 °C
Stored Program No.200 sets
Registered User Folder No.50 sets
User Folder Password ProtectionYes
DisplayMonochrome LCM, 240 x 128 pixels
Input InterfaceCapacitive touch keypad
Auto Restart after Power OutageYes
Footprint Dimensions (H x W x D)225 x 245 x 415 mm
Weight9.0 kg
(Measuring distance approx. 40 cm)
Heating: ~ 47 dB
Cooling: ~ 57 dB
Power SupplyVAC 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 500W
CertificationCE, RoHS


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