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Workstations, UV safety equipment (face shields, goggles), Dekontamination spray (ready-to-use and removes nucleases and nucleic acid contamination)

Basis Geldokumentations-Systeme, Expert Geldokumentations-Systeme, In Vivo Dokumentations-Systeme, Vidoeprinter, Software

Elektrophoreseausstattung für Labor- und Bildungseinrichtungen, Blotter, Fertiggele, Geltrockner, Gradientenmischer, horizontal Gelsysteme, Vertikal Gelsystem, Stromversorgung für Elektrophoresekammern

Autoclaves, climate chambers, hybridization systems, incubators, circuit coolers, laboratory balances, magnetic-/heating stirrers, shakers, freezers, vacuum concentrators, waterbaths, centrifuges.

The original real-time PCR cycler MyGo Pro and MyGo Mini. Only at LTF Labortechnik.

Reagents for real time PCR applications with all units. Extraction kits (for Arrow), extraction kits for manual extraction, ready mixes, StripKits for GVO analysis, Pathogen Detection, assays, mutaplate, mutareal, pcr kits.

Floating tube racks, stainless steel freezer racks, standard microtube racks, tube cooler units, tube storage boxes with lids.

Hand lamps, UV sterilization lamps, black light UV lamps, Pen-Ray Lamps, filtered UV Lamps, replacement bulbs, fixtures and stands, transilluminators, darkroom cabinets, crosslinker, eprom erasers, UV radiation systems, UV analyzers, ozone generators, signature control system.

Labcor solution basins, microtiter plates, PCR plates, PCR tubes, pipette tips, paper for thermo printers.

X-tractor Gene, CAS-1200 Pipetting Robot, PCR Cycler Rotor Gene 3000, DiaSorin Arrow, DiaSorin Bullet.