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Sterilization Pouches Qualitix

Sterilization Pouches Qualitix®

Fitting any small to mid-size laboratory, medical, dental or veterinary device, the Qualitix® single use pouches provide easy and effective wrapping of items requiring sterilization.
Made with robust medical grade paper, the pouches tightly close with self-sealing strip to maintain sterility. Content remains always visible through PET / CPP transparent laminated film.

CE certified

Part Number: LTF00272

Benefits of autoclavable pouches

  • Robust durable material
  • Quick content identification
  • Large self-sealing strip, easy to close
  • Chevron top seal for easy opening
  • Suitable for steam and EO gas sterilization
  • Two sterilization indicators
  • Five different sizes
  • Conformity to ISO 17665-06, ISO 11135, CE

Self-sealing - quick opening

1. Simply peel off protection strip, fold and press with fingers. Pouch remains tightly sealed to maintain product sterility.

Sterilization indicators / Integrity control

2. Sterilization indicators

Two chemical indicators included to  confirm proper sterilization process. Blue indicator turns dark grey after autoclaving, red indicator turns to yellow after ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization.

3. Integrity control
Blue stained laminated film enables easy control of film/pouch integrity. Do not use a damaged pouch.




Pouche Sizes

  • 83  x  160 mm
  • 90  x  260 mm
  • 135  x  260 mm
  • 190  x  360 mm
  • 300  x  395 mm   

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