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Safety Cabinet Mars Pro

Safety Cabinet Class II - Mars Pro

Microbiological safety cabinet class 2 according to DIN/EN 12469.

Mars Class 2 is the safety cabinet of choice when working with microbiological samples, tissue culture, viral work, non-pathogenic manipulations, IVF, research and sampling procedures (for maximum protection when handling dangerous substances such as cytostatics, antivirals, we recommend the Model Mars Pro).

The Mars safety cabinet uses the latest in laminator technology, energy-saving designs and HEPA-filtration. Low energy consumption result in less heat transmission to the work chamber and to the laboratory contributing significantly to a reduction of overall energy costs.

The ergonomically arranged, angled front window and the glare-free lighting allow a comfortable and relaxed working posture - both sitting and standing.

The integrated control panel with LCD display is conveniently positioned for ease of viewing and operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety characteristics at all times.

Thanks to its low-noise design, the Mars model safety cabinet is one of the quietest safety cabinets available.

Cytostatics, antivirals

Part Number: LTF00330

Safety Features Mars Pro Series

  • 110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99,999% against 0,3 μm particles, ensuring a clean sterile work chamber environment.
  • Unique laminator/diffuser technology giving turbulent-free air flow, protecting your samples against particle contamination.
  • Down flow & exhaust fans are constantly monitored via the flow sensors to ensure safe operating conditions are maintained.
  • Alarms, both acoustic and visual for unsafe airflow conditions or any interruption.
  • Angled pre-filter for easy inspection and filter exchange.
  • Sectional 300 mm work tops allowing loads up to 50 kg per 300 mm, easy removal for cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces.
  • Easy to maintain as all service functions are performed from the front of the cabinet, including changing of the HEPA filters, pcb’s and sensors, and adjustments/monitoring of alarms and fan speed.


  • Low operating temperature and heat generation
  • Low noise level
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent light distribution
  • Electrically adjustable windscreen
  • Integrated control panel with LCD display
  • Panorama front and side windows
  • Easy window cleaning from both sides


ModelMars Pro 900Mars Pro 1200Mars Pro 1500Mars Pro 1800
Dimensions Exterior (D x W x H)
with height-adjustable base (Standard)
1004 x 797 x 2033 mm1304 x 797 x 2033 mm1609 x 797 x 2033 mm1914 x 797 x 2033 mm
Dimensions Working chamber (D x W x H )900 x 650 x 700 mm1200 x 650 x 700 mm1500 x 650 x 700 mm1800 x 650 x 700 mm
Front opening (height)200 mm
Number of worktop segments3456
Height worktop with adjustable base750 (745 – 780) mm
Sound pressure level / factory setting≤ 47 dB (A)≤ 49 dB (A)≤ 51 dB (A)≤ 53 dB (A)
Sound pressure level in Eco-Save mode≤ 37 dB (A)≤ 38 dB (A)≤ 38 dB (A)≤ 40 dB (A)
Exhaust air, air velocity0,28  ±0,01 m/s
Inflow, air velocity0,45 m/s
Exhaust velocity292 m3/h389 m3/h486 m3/h583 m3/h
Light intensity (dimmable)> 1000 Lux> 2000 Lux> 2000 Lux> 2000 Lux
Filter construction compliant with EN 1822-13-Filter-System, HEPA, mind. Klasse U17
Material worktop and trayStainless Steel AISI 304 (Optional Stainless Steel AISI 316)
Max. total load on worktop100 kg
Material side panelsTempered safety glass, 5 mm, opening 3 x 22 mm
Material front screenLaminated safety glass, 6 mm (anti-reflective coating optional)
Material / color workbench and rear panelPolyester-coated steel / RAL 9016
Power supply220 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Socket type, double socket right and left2-way (in total 4 sockets)
Max. current (fuse)10 A
Sockets: max. total current (fuse)6,3 A
Transport volumeca. 2.2 m3ca. 3.0 m3ca. 3.2 m3ca. 4.1 m3
Net weight296 kg308 kg320 kg332 kg


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