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DNA/RNA Decontamination Spray

For immediate nucleic acid inactivation. In the practical spray bottle.

Completely removes nucleases and nucleic acids from surfaces.
Especially recommended for cleaning PCR workstations without leaving residues.

Apex RNase Free is ready to use and removes nuclease and nucleic acid contamination from surfaces by completely destroying the enzymes.

Effortlessly decontaminates a wide variety of surfaces and laboratory equipment, including pipettes, bench tops, glassware and more.

Apex RNase Free is ideal for labware that cannot be autoclaved, replacing time-consuming procedures such as DEPC treatments.

Content 475 ml

PCR Contamination Free Spray

Easily decontaminates a variety of surfaces and labware including your pipettor, benchtops, glassware and more.

It is ideal for labware which cannot be autoclaved and replace time-consuming processes such as DEPC treatments.

Order No. Apex Spray: 102.5000

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