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Strip-Kits for GVO Analysis

Biolytix Strip Kit™ is a range of “ready-to-use” Real-Time PCR kits.

Part Number: LTF00117

Strip-Kits for GVO Analysis

They are easy to use and we manufacture them individually to customer order. Kits are offered for various platforms, including:

  • MyGo Pro (IT-IS International Ltd.)
  • Applied Bio systems Step One™ and StepOnePlus™
  • Applied Biosystems 7700, 7900, and 7500 Real-Time PCR™
  • Finnzyme PikoReal™
  • Illumina Eco qPCR™
  • Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q™ (Corbett-Research RotorGene 6000™

GMO Kits



Other GMO

SoyScreening STRIPKit™

MaizeScreening STRIPKit™

EPSPS Alfalfa and Onion STRIPKit™

Duplex SoyScreening STRIPKit™

Duplex MaizeScreening STRIPKit™


RoundupReadySoy STRIPKit™

P35S Maize STRIPKit™



Custom GMO Maize Screening STRIPKit™

RoundupReadyCanola STRIPKit™ (GT73)


16 events available:

GMO Kits for Cotton, Linseed, Rice etc.


Bt-176, Bt-11, CBH351, DAS-59122, DBT418, E3272,



GA21, NK603, MIR604, MON810, MON863, MON88017,



MON89034, T25, TC1507 and Invertase



Wine Kits

Pathogen Kits

Animal Identification Kit

Brettanomyces /Dekkera bruxellensis) STRIPKit™

Campylobacter spp.STRIPKit™

Beef (Bos taurus) STRIPKitTM

Lacotbacillus brevis STRIPKit™

Clostridum perfringens STRIPKit™

Cat (Felidae) STRIPKit™

Lactobacillus hilgardii STRIPKit™

E. coli O157H7 (EHEC) STRIPKit™

Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) STRIPKit™

Pediococcus damnosus STRIPKit™

Listeria monocytogenes STRIPKit™

Deer (Cervus elaphus) STRIPKit™

Pediococcus parvulus STRIPKit™

Salmonella spp. STRIPKit™

Dog (Candidae) STRIPKit™

Saccharomyces serevisiae STRIPKit™

Staphylococcus aureus STRIPKit™

Donkey (Asinus) STRIPKit™


Helicobacter spp  STRIPKit™

Goat (Capra hircus) STRIPKit™


H. hepaticus  STRIPKit™

Horse (Equus caballus) STRIPKit™


Toxoplasma gondii STRIPKit™

Mouse (mus) STRIPKit™


MRSA STRIPKit™ (Animal)

Pig (Sus scrofa) STRIPKit™



Rat (rattus) STRIPKit™



Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) STRIPKit™



Sheep (Ovis aries) STRIPKit™



Wild Boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) STRIPKit™



Chicken (Gallus gallus) STRIPKit™



Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) STRIPKit™



Goose (Anserinae) STRIPKit™



Ostrich (Struthio camelus) STRIPKit™



Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) STRIPKit™

other animals on request


Plant Identification and Allergen*  Kits


Cashew STRIPKit™*

Barley STRIPKit™

Celery STRIPKit™*

Linseed STRIPKit™

Hazelnut STRIPKit™*

Papaya STRIPKit™

Lupins STRIPKit™*

Potato STRIPKit™

Macadamia STRIPKit™*

Rapeseed STRIPKit

Peanut STRIPKit™*

Rice STRIPKit™

Pecan STRIPKit™*

Sugarbeet  STRIPKit™

Sesame STRIPKit™

Tomato STRIPKit™


Wheat STRIPKit™

Walnut STRIPKit™


* Disclaimer:

All kits are made to order. Prices are dependent on real-time

PCR platform and well size. STRIPKitTM has a shelf live of  18 months.

Supported platforms:

- Applied Biosystems StepOneTM and StepOnePlusTM 

- Applied Biosystems 7700, 7900 and 7500 Real-Time PCRTM

- BioRad CFX96 Touch

- Illumina Eco qPCRTM

- Roche Light CyclerR 480

- Thermo Scientific PikoRealTM

- Qiagen Rotor-Gene QTM (Corbett-Research RotorGene 6000TM)

- MyGo Pro (IT-IS International Ltd.)

- Other platforms on request

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