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TurboQ Real-Time Cycler

96 Well Real-Time PCR Cycler

The TurboQ Real-Time PCR system is designed for multiplex and routine PCR applications with up to four targets.

TurboQ contains the mature core competence of the proven TurboCycler series and offers additional features for diagnostic tests and research.



Part Number: LTF00319

TurboQ 96-well PCR-Cycler

  • 4 optical channels
    Detects up to four targets in one well.
  • Motorized Plate Carrier Tray
    Plate in/out with a simple click, enables automation integration in the future.
  • Software with Complete Analysis Functions
    Functions include Absolute Quantitation, Relative Quantitation, Allelic Discrimination, Melting Curve. No need to purchase extra analysis modules.
  • CCD-Based Detection System
    The entire plate can be detected at once to eliminate reaction-time differences.
  • +/- 0.25°C Block Temperature Control Accuracy
    Ensures experiment condition stability and eliminates uncertainty.
Sample Block
Block Capacity96 well
Compatible with regular profile or low profile PCR tubes
Tube Volume0.2 ml
PCR striptubes, non-skirted, semi-skirted or full-skirted 96 well plates
Plate LoadingMotorized plate carrier tray
Block Temperature
Temperature Range25 - 99 °C
Peak Block Ramp Rate2.5 °C/sec
Temperature Accuracy± 0.25 °C (35 – 95 °C) of set point/ display temperature
Measured at 3 minutes after start.
Temperature Uniformity
Across Block
± 0.5 °C (30 seconds after start)
Gradient Temperature
Gradient Temperature Range60 - 99 °C
Temperature DifferenceMax. span 25 °C
Lid Heating
Heating Temperature105 °C
Excitation SourceTungsten Halogen Lamp
Detection ModuleCCD Camera
Detection Channel4 channels
Ch1: FAM, SYBR Green
Ch3: ROX, TExas REd
Ch4: Cy5
Operating Temperature15 - 30 °C
Operating HumidityRH: 85% or less
Storage Temperature-10 – +60°C
General Technical Data
System RequirementsWindows 7 or higher
Dimensions (H x W x D)567 x 354 x 455 mm
Weight35 kg
Power Supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
5A for 220VAC
Power1500 Watt
Fuse1 x Fuse


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