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Polypropylen Storage Box 100-Tubes

100 Place hinged boxes

Well 100 Tubes

Part Number: LTF00037

  • Alphanumerically labeled translucent lid.
  • Stores 100 tubes up to 2.0 ml.
  • Freezing to -80 °C and autoclaving.
  • Dimensions: 151 x 139 x 54 mm.
Cat # Name colorsPackaging Unit
33-206AX100-Tube Storage Box      assorted colors 5 boxes
33-206BX100-Tube Storage Boxblue5 boxes
33-206GX100-Tube Storage Boxgreen5 boxes
33-206OX100-Tube Storage Boxorange5 boxes
33-206PX100-Tube Storage Boxpink5 boxes
33-206X100-Tube Storage Boxtransparent5 boxes
33-206YX   100-Tube Storage Boxyellow5 boxes

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