Pipetting Robot

Rob Pipetting Robot

Automated 96/384 qPCR set up

Incredibly precise and easy to use. Rob™ pipetting robot offers smart software and exclusive OneDip™ technology. There is no extensive training required. Within 5 minutes, anyone can operate the software and create protocols. This is supported with accessible help menu in every window.

0,5 µl – 200 µl

Part Number: LTF00258

Speed of Rob™ pipetting robot

Rob™ has two modes for doing qPCR set-up:
traditional: one tip for every sample replicate
OneDip™: the same tip for all replicates doing serial dispensing.

The example below is based on a qPCR set up with three replicates and pre-made master mix.

One tip per replicate
96-plate: 27 minutes (18 µl mix + 2 µl sample)
384-plate: 95 minutes (5 µl mix + 2 µl sample)
96-plate: 13 minutes (18 µl mix + 2 µl sample)
384-plate: 45 minutes (5 µl mix + 2 µl sample)


qPCR set-up guide
A stepwise quide to design the protocol of qPCR experiment, optimize the use of reagents, several Master Mixes
Serial dilution
Maximizes the accuracy of pipetting for serial dilution
Sample normalization
Simply input two information, sample volume and

Accuracy & Precision

The data below were obtained under normal qPCR set-up conditions. So the dispense data below is what you can expect from Rob™ in reality.

50 µl pipette tip with filter, traditional

Volume (µl)Mean (µl)Precision (CV)

Ten single dispenses in ten PCR tubes (0.2 ml)

50 µl pipette with filter, OneDip™

Volume (µl)Mean (µl)Precision (CV)

Three series dispenses in 3x3 PCR tubes. Tubes were pre-filled with 15 µl master mix to mimic a qPCR set-up.

Liquid Level Detection (LLD)

It is essential to have in-process LLD and tip detection to verify processed protocols. Rob™ uses a further developed pressure based LLD that has improved detection speed. The LLD system provides with better precision and sensitivity than needed.
Detection limit:
Detects as low 3 µl in a 200 µl PCR tube
Detection precision:
± 0.3 µl in a PCR tube with 20 µl volume

Pipette head:0.5 µl – 200 µl, single channel
Dispense modes:Single- and multi-dispense
Precision:CV < 2% for 2     µl, CV < 1% from 5 µl, dry dispense
Accuracy:CV < 2% from 2 µl, CV 1% from 5 µl
Liquid level tracking:

Pressure based detects volumes from 3 µl in 200 µl PCR tubes

Pipette tips:Clear 50 or 200 µl with or without filter
Tip waste handling:Automatic tip ejection. Ejected tips are collected externally.
Deck capacity:11 SBS micro plate positions and one tip waste position

Motor resolutions:

X and Y < 0,01 mm, Z < 0,05 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):663 x 516 x 571 mm

35 kg, shipping weight 60 kg

Software:Supplied with unlimited user license. Free upgrades
Computer requirements:Win7, 8. / 10. 32 / 64-bit i3. or better 8 Gb RAM


Rob™ by AlphaHelix

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