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Pipetting Robot flowbot ONE

flowbot® ONE Pipetting Robot

Optimises your lab processes and workflows.

flowbot® ONE is a plug-and-play pipetting solution with high precision and designed for immediate operation.
With flowbot® ONE you can start automating your liquid handling on the day of delivery.

Whenever a process changes in your laboratory, no complicated programming is necessary.
flowbot® ONE was developed with the aim of making pipetting easy.
With its intuitive user interface, anyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

Key Features

  • Learn to use it in one hour or less
  • Compatible with devices like shakers and coolers
  • Camera assisted setup and quality control
  • Barcode scanning for data transparency
  • Drag & Drop programming
  • Create your own liquid classes
1, 4 and 8-channel

Automatic Liquid Handling with flowbot® ONE


  • Sample preparation
  • Sample normalization
  • Serial dilution
  • NGS
  • Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring
  • Sample aliquoting
  • Magnetic separation
  • Microplates filling
  • PCR & qPCR
Pipette2 modules
Volume range1-20 μL
2-200 μL
10-1000 μL
Pipette channels1 ,4 and 8-channel
Tip detectionPipette modules automatically detect
if tips are on or not.
Liquid Level detectionPipette modules automatically detect the liquid level.
Capacity12 positions, (SBS format)
Dimensions (B x T x H)

flowbot closed: 1000 x 660 x 830 mm
flowbot opened: 1000 x 660 x 1220 mm
With UV light: Hight 860 mm
With HEPA filter: Hight 1080 mm

Data transferWIFI or cable
No installation required.
Log on directly from your computer to the robot.
SoftwareRuns in the browser (Chrome)
  • HEPA filter: To prevent cross-contamination
  • UV light: For easy disinfection of the robot

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