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Pipetting Robot CAS-1200

Refurbished Pipetting Robot CAS

Low cost and very compact pipetting machine for PCR and Real-Time PCR. Used and top refurbished. The CAS-1200 is configured to automatically prepare DNA master mix and load up to 96 samples with high speed and precision. Level sensing is a standard feature that ensures reproducible volume delivery for all reagents. These instruments are completely renewed by our technical department and are in a very good condition.

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Price from 5.990 +VAT

Part Number: 112.3000

Real-Time PCR applications

With the advent of real-time PCR it is now even more critical that pipetting steps are tightly controlled. Unfortunately pipetting real-time PCR protocols manually is both laborious and prone to error. Volumetric errors that are tolerated by gel based analyses systems show up as sample-to-sample deviation in real-time systems. The pipetting precision can be determined by the standard deviation of replicate samples that are used to create a standard curve. Sample preparation with the CAS-1200 eliminates these errors so less replicates need to be run and the need to re-run assays is reduced.

From the graphs it is noted that all replicates are identical resulting in an R value for the standard curve of R=0.99960 samples were prepared on the CAS-1200 in under 15 minutes.

Standard PCR Software Module
The standard software has been designed specifically for the preparation of regular and real-time PCR assays. This software can be upgraded and the table configuration changed as new software modules are developed for other applications.

  • Level Sensing: Sense levels down to 25uL
  • Pipetting head: Single channel
  • Volume: 1 uL - 100 uL
  • Precision: +/-0.10 uL
  • Dimensions: 320(W) x 440(D) x 280(H) mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-120Vac @ 5 Amps, 200-240Vac @ 3 Amps (50/60Hz)
  • Table Capacity:
    4 x 96 tip trays (standard or graphite)
    2 x 96 well sample trays
    8 x 1.5 mL tapered tubes
    8 x 1.5 mL flat bottom tubes
    16 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes
    4 x 5 mL flat bottom tubes
  • Communication: Serial RS-232
  • Accessories: Plastic tip racks, 72 well adapter, 36 well adapter
  • Pipette tips: 50-200 uL standard (10 x 96 well racked), 50-200 uL graphite (10 x 96 well racked)
  • Computer System: Laptop or Desktop PC, Windows 98, 2000, or NT
Pipetting HeadSingle Channel, 20 - 150 µl/sec (software controlled)

CV < 1% >5 µl (dry-well transfer),

CV < 5% 2 - 5 µl (wet-well-transfer)

Tip Volume1,0 - 200,0 µl
Standard Tips96-racked Capp™ compatible 50 µl and/or 200 µl low retention tips (LLS only)
Conductive Tips (optional)96-racked, compatible 50 μL and/or 200 μL conductive tips (LLS only)
LLT-Liquid Level TrackingSoftware to track liquid levels in every tube during normal operation. Standard on all models
LLS-Liquid Level Sensing (optional)Liquid level sensing down to 10 μL in 0.2 mL PCR tubes. Liquid levels are detected at every pipetting
event in real-time. For conductive tips only. LLS is only available with
initial instrument purchase.
Tip Waste HandlingAll tips ejected externally; no waste accumulation within deck area.
High-capacity covered waste bag or container can be fitted at user discretion.
UV sterilization (optional)UV light system for deck sterilization within closed hood. Available only with initial purchase.
HEPA Filter (optional)Dual-cartridge 3M Air-Mate™ HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter system provides positive
pressure clean air within the closed hood. Can be purchased separately.
HoodIntegrated strut-supported tinted acrylic hood for access on 3 sides.
DimensionsH (hood closed) 390 mm (15.4”); 420 mm (16.5”) UV light option fitted
H (hood open) 770 mm (30.3”)
W 490 mm (19.3”)
D 580 mm (23”); 640 mm (25.6”) including cables
Weight30 kg (55 lbs) standard configuration
Temperature range4°C–35°C
Electrical100–120 VAC @ 4 Amp (50/60 Hz), 200–240 VAC @ 2 Amp (50/60 Hz)
Table Capacity6 x Microplates (SBS standard size, holds any combination of tips/plates/tubes/capillaries etc)
1 x Mastermix blocks (hold 1.5 mL and/or 5 mL tubes, other combinations available)
1 x Reagent block (standard holds 8 x 1.5 mL tapered tubes, 8 x 1.7 mL straight-sided tubes
16 x 200 μL PCR tubes, other combinations available)
Startup Consumables (included)10 racks of 96 x 50 μL tips, 10 racks of 96 x 200 μL tips, 25 x 5 mL tubes, 200 x 0.2 mL flat cap PCR tubes
Startup Accessories (included)2 x Loading Blocks; 96 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes (P/N 0007)
1 x Flip-Cap Loading Block for 32 x 1.5 mL tubes (P/N 2627)
1 x Flip-Cap Loading Block Tube Lifter for 32 x 1.5 mL tubes (P/N 2628)
1 x Reagent Block (P/N 0004)
2 x Mastermix Blocks (P/N 0002, P/N 0003)
4 x Aluminum Tip Racks (P/N 0060) for tips (included with LLS option only)
1x Pipettor head maintenance kit (P/N 0644)
CommunicationsSerial RS-232
Minimum ComputerPentium® IV, 2.6 GHz (desktop) Pentium® M 1.6GHz (laptop) or higher, 256 MB RAM
(512 MB recommended), 40 GB HDD, USB or Serial RS-232 Port, DVD/CDROM, 1024 x 768 monitor
(speakers recommended), Windows XP® OS
SoftwareSupplied, with unlimited user license. Free upgrades by web download.


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