PCR Workstation UV Airclean Large

UV Workstation for PCR related tasks

This new model is designed for placement of more laboratory instruments and accessories on the base work area. The total working area of the box is twice as large as a standard model and allows more comfortable operation.
1245 x 585 x 585 mm

Part Number: 112.0009

UV-Airclean box includes the installed UV-air recirculator

This option additionally prevents unwanted amplification of contaminant DNA and protects the user from direct UV-light during manipulation.


Three positions adjustable opening
of front door (work space clearance):
low = 60 mm, midi = 125 mm, high = 190 mm
Dimensions:1245 x 585 x 585 mm
Weight:58 kg
UV lamp:2 x 30 W, bactericidal
Radiation type:Ultraviolet (253,7 n) ozone-free
UV-recirculator:1 x 30 W (efficiency > 99 % per hour)
Daylight lamp:1 x TLD-30W for illumination of the working area
Glass type:Euroglass (Germany)
Thickness of glass:sides = 4 mm, upper front panel = 8 mm
UV protection film type:4 MIL Clear
Optical transmission:95 %
UV protection:> 96 %
LED time controller of UV exposure: 0 - 24 hours
Working place:1200 x 520 mm
Power:230 V, 50/60 Hz /300 VA
Item No.:112.0009

A triplex electrical outlet is mounted in the backside panel. UV exposure digital control is made by electric timer.

Efficiency of DNA amplicons decontamination experiment in Biosan PCR Cabinets

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