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Ozone Generator OZ75

Ozone Generator OZ75

The ozone generator OZ75 is suitable for shock disinfection and odour elimination in large rooms without people being present.

The mobile OZ75 device is particularly suitable for the intermediate disinfection of air and surfaces even under humid ambient conditions.


  • Clinic/Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical industrie
  • Food industry
  • Pest control


7500 mg/h

Part Number: LTF00309

Ozone Generator for Odour Elimination

UV light produces high-purity ozone without byproducts (NOx). The ozone molecules react quickly with a large number of organic/non-organic compounds, neutralizing odours and sterilizing the air thoroughly and reliably.

The ozone produced is usually completely consumed by this oxidation process over a certain time and decays back to oxygen.


  • Compakte design
  • Easy to handle stainless steel housing
  • High-quality ozone components
  • Assembly/maintenance ready to plug in
  • Cable length 3m
Dimensions (L x W x H)570 x 255 x 250 mm
Housing materialStainless steel V2 A
Ozone components / service life4 x UV emitters ozone high efficiency / 10.000 h
Ozone performance7500 mg/h
Power100 W
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Connection cable3 m incl. Schuko plug
Weight9.0 kg
Protection classIP 54
Fan power360 m³/h

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