Orbital Shakers

Multi Plate Shaker MPS-1

High–Speed Multi Plate Shaker

Can be used in virtually any application. Provides adjustable mixing of reagents in microtest plates, PCR plates, deepwell plates and test tubes. Shakes tubes 0.2 to 2 ml and vortexes any volume up to 50 ml.

300-3200 rpm

Part Number: 105.1220

  • The shaker is compact and user–friendly.
  • The shaker is ideal for personal use.
  • MPS-1 features a head for vortexing a single tube.
  • Shaker can be used in cold rooms or incubators, operating at ambient temperature range +4°C to +40°C.
  • Low voltage external power supply (12 V) provides electrical safety in humid environment

Platform options

for 96 tubes 0.2 ml or semi-/ unskirted PCR plate


for 24 tubes 1.5-2 ml


for 32 tubes 0.5 ml


for 24 tubes 0.5 ml and 48 tubes 0.2 ml


Universal platform

Deepwell plate 1000 μl


Universal platform

Deepwell plate 500 μl

Universal platform

Microtest plate 200 μl

Vortex for 50 ml tubes 
Vortex for 15 ml tubes 
Mixing speed control range300–3,200 rpm (100 rpm increment)

Platform options


3,200 rpm


2,600 rpm


1,800 rpm


1,000 rpm


adjustable rpm

Features a Pulse Mode mixing function


Features a Vortex function


Maximum load

0,3 kg


3 mm

Acceleration time to maximum speed

5 s

Digital time setting

0–60 min (15 s increment) / non–stop

Maximum continuous operation time

8 hrs

Noise level, not more

65 dB


5,1 kg

Overall dimensions (W×D×H)

225 × 215 × 150 mm

Input current/power consumption

12 V, 800 mA / 10 W

External power supply

Input AC 100–240 V 50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V


MPS-1 High-Speed Multi Plate Shaker

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