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CPS-20 Shaker for Incubators

Orbital CO2 Shaker

Shaker CPS-20 was specially developed for use in difficult environments such as CO2 and humidity.
The unit provides regulated orbital motion of the platform and is suitable for use in the CO2 incubator.  

The innovative CO2 shaker ensures reproducible results in cell culture growth.

A choice of 5 interchangeable platforms provide the possibility of performing various procedures and techniques in various cultivation vessels.

up to 98% humidity

CPS-20 - Orbital CO2 Shaker

CPS-20 has a brushless motor with a guaranteed lifetime of up to 35.000 hours.

The unit is equipped with a triple eccentric mechanism for platform movement that provides excellent balancing characteristics, superior reliability and quiet operation.

The specially designed remote control protects the electronics from the CO2 environment of the incubator. In addition, the remote control minimises disturbance to the incubator environment and the experiment in progress.


  • CPS-20 minimises the disturbance of the incubator environment and the ongoing experiment and thus contributes significantly to gentle cell cultivation.
  • The shaking unit (without the unit controller) is designed specifically for operation in CO2 incubators and closed laboratory environments at ambient temperature from +4°C to +45°C in a non-condensing atmosphere and relative humidity up to 98%.
  • The unit controller is designed for operation in cold rooms, incubators and closed laboratory rooms at ambient temperature from +4°C to +40°C in a non-condensing atmosphere and relative humidity up to 80% for temperatures for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.

Order No. CPS-20105.1216
Speed control range

50 - 250 rpm*
Increment 10 rpm

*max. speed depends on the load and vessels’ shape

Digital time setting1 min – 96 hrs / non-stop
Increment 1 min
Digital speed controlYes
Max. continuous
operation time
168 hrs
Max. load3 kg
Orbit20 mm
Relative humidityup to 98% (at ambient temperature from +4°C to +45°C in a non-condensing atmosphere)
Overall dimensions
(W x D x H)
255 × 255 × 100 mm
Weight3.4 kg
External power supplyInput AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,
Output DC 12 V
Power consumption470 mA, 5.7 W

For the shaker CPS-20, a feedthrough into the incubator of approx. 10 mm diameter is required.
The mains plug is connected externally to the remote control.

Accessories CPS-20

Universal platform

Universal platform with adjustable bars for different types of flasks, bottles, and beakers with silicone mat.

Working area: 270 x 185 x 40 mm

Holding bar HB-200Additional holding bar for UP-12
Platform P-12/100

Platform with clamps for 12 flasks.

Working area: 250 x 190 mm

Flask volume: 100 - 150 ml

Platform P-6/250

Platform with clamps for 6 flasks.

Working area: 250 x 190 mm

Flask volume: 250 - 300 ml

Platform P-16/88

Platform with spring holders for up to 88 tubes

Working area: 275 x 205 x 75 mm

Tube volume: up to 30 mm Ø,
e. g. 10 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml tubes

Bio PP-4

Flat Platform with non-slip silicon mat for Petri dishes, culture flasks and agglutination.

Working area: 230 x 230 mm

Order No.: 105.1218


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