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UV Disinfektion Lock / Chamber

UV Lock / UV Chamber for Disinfection

These UV systems are used to remove unwanted microorganisms on surfaces.
Ideal for disinfecting small units such as parcels, letters, tools, menus, cutlery, toys, laboratory glasses and similar items.

The objects are simply placed in the compact stainless steel housing.
The duration of the disinfection can be selected accordingly via a time relay.

The safety device ensures that the UV lamps are switched off immediately when opened during operation.

60 W

Part Number: LTF00321

Two UV Disinfection Models

DS-0400 (UV Lock)
Equipped with a flap on both sides and can therefore also be used as a sluice.
Part No.: 110.5516

DS-0410 (UV Chamber)
With only one front flap and ideal for worktops and tables.
Part No.: 110.5517


Very high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction.
The wavelength at 253.7 nm is absorbed by the cell nucleic acids and, depending on the irradiation dose, kills or damages the bacteria and fungal spores. UV-C light is therefore used to specifically kill or damage microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and moulds) by up to 99.99%.

UV light is used to produce ultra-pure ozone without by-products (NOx). The ozone molecules react quickly with a variety of organic/inorganic compounds. This ensures that the objects are odour-neutralised and disinfected perfectly and reliably.

The ozone produced is completely consumed by the oxidation process within a certain period of time and decomposes back into oxygen.

ModelUV Lock
Uv Chamber
Part No.110.5516110.5517
(L x W x H)
420 x 445 x 500 mm420 x 445 x 500 mm
Material HousingStainless Steel V2AStainless Steel V2A
UV Source2 x 254 nm2 x 254 nm
UV Protection Window
2 (front and back)1 (front)
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 Hz)230V ± 10% (50 Hz)
Power60 W60 W
Weightca. 18 kgca. 18 kg

Equipment / Assembly

The high-quality and compact stainless steel housing is equipped with 2 UV-C lamps and inspection flaps for safe UV-C shielding.
Furthermore, the DS-0400 is equipped with a time relay and 2 safety switches for reliable personal protection.
Delivery ready to plug in with 3 m connection cable length.

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