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Real-Time PCR Cycler MyGo Mini

MyGo Mini S

One of the world´s most compact real-time PCR instruments

MyGo Mini system is easy to transport and install. Up to 16 samples can be run in 0.1 ml low profile tubes. System is supplied standard with fast heating and cooling, whilst assay performance is supported further by a heated lid design. Systems are available in 4 unique colours - Blue, Green, Pink and Gold.

New: MyGo Quant Verification Kit

For temperature validation of MyGo Units (see consumables at the end of the page)

Well up to 16 x 0.1 ml

Part Number: 112.2012

MyGo Mini - a cycler with great results over a broad range of applications

The system is ideal for a large range of applications including - Research, Teaching, Diagnostics, Vetininary & Food testing to name just a few potential applications from this compact system weighing just 1.9 kg!

  • The powerful and easy to use software provides the following features:
  • Automated analysis modules for:
  • absolute and relative quantification
    - melting curve analysis
    - endpoint genotyping
    - high resolution melting (HRM)
  • Quick start using templates for all major applications
  • Analysis of full spectral data
  • Generation of custom dye files for novel fluorophores
  • Straightforward setup and editing of sample and target information
  • Comprehensive data export functions
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux Systems
  • Instrument start from a USB flash drive, using preprogrammed settings
  • silent operation

MyGo Mini Software is delivered and easily installed from USB flash drive. The software has no license restrections. When installed in a network, the software can control several MyGo Mini Instruments connected via LAN.

Maße:Ø ca. 12 cm, 15 cm (Hight)
Weight1,9 kg
Fluoreszenz-Spectrum:510 – 560 nm
Heating rate3°C/s
Cooliong rate1,5 °C/s
Temperature uniformity0,05 °C (SD)
Temperature accuraxy+/- 0,25 °C
Temperature range40 – 99 °C
Number of reactions16
Reaction volume10 – 100 μl
Reaction Vessels0.1 ml single tubes
Run Time< 50 min
Fluorescence Excitation500 nm (blue LED)
Fluorescence DetectionCMOS Array
Supported Assays FormatsIntercalating dyes (e.g. SYBR Green I), Hydrolyse Proben, Molecular Beacons, SimpleProbes, HybProbes

Factory-Calibrated Dyes

SYBR Green I / FAM / ResoLight; VIC / HEX / CAL 540 / CAL 560
Multiplexing Capabilitiesup to 2 targets

Voltage: 100 - 240 V AC (+/-10%)
Frequency: 50-60 H (+/-10%)
Power: 90 W

Connection optionsLAN, direct connection to computer (RJ45), PC-free (USB-Stick/flash drive controlled)


MyGo Quant Tutorial

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