Standard Microtube Racks

Microtube One-Sided Racks 80-Well

Versatile and efficient storage

Part Number: LTF00026

  • Huge choice of colors
  • Tubes up to 2.0 ml 5 x 16 layout
  • Temperature range -90º to 121ºC
  • 8.9 x 2.6 x 1.1"" w/out box, 9.63 x 3.45 x 2.13"" w/box (L x W x H)
    Racks hold the following tubes: One sided: 80 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml
Cat # Name  colorPackaging Unit
27-114  80-Well Tube Rack        nature5 Racks / pack
27-114A80-Well Tube Rackassorted colors5 Racks / pack
27-114B80-Well Tube Rackblue5 Racks / pack
27-114BL  80-Well Tube Rackblack5 Racks / pack
27-114G80-Well Tube Rackgreen5 Racks / pack
27-114O80-Well Tube Rackorange5 Racks / pack
27-114R80-Well Tube Rackred5 Racks / pack
27-114V80-Well Tube Rackviolett5 Racks / pack
27-114Y80-Well Tube Rackyellow5 Racks / pack
27-20980-Well Rack Behälter mit Deckel*    transparent 5 Container/ pack

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