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Micropipette Acura manual 825

Mikropipette with Digital Display

Acura® manual are precision pipettes that combine high-tech materials with exceptional customer-oriented ergonomics. The classic Acura® manual 825 is intended for all applications. It brings convenience, comfort, safety and sturdiness. For sure the wise choice for any laboratory.

Volume 0.1 - 1000 µl, 8 pipettes

Part Number: LTF00267

Volume ranges

  • 0.1    –    2 µl
  • 0.5    –    10 µl
  • 1    –    10 µl
  • 2    –    20 µl
  • 5    –    50 µl
  • 10    –    100 µl
  • 20    –    200 µl
  • 100    –    1000 µl
● Effortless activation
● Smart and reliable volume adjustment
● Precision digital display visible at all time
● Justip™ adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips    
● Swift-Set* user calibration system
● Schock-, UV-light and autoclaving resistance
● Minimal maintenance/ Sterilization
● CE certified IVD 98/79 EEC
*Socorex patented


Tip ejection - easier than ever
Most ergonomically positioned, the large surface, soft padded ejector button provides for low-pressure activation.
Adjustable tip ejection
In addition to ease of tip ejection, the shaft height adjustment system called Justip™ (4 mm span) – controlled by efficient click-stops – allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle.
Smart and reliable volume adjustment
State-of-the-art micrometric setting is performed smoothly and precisely by turning push button. Finely machined click-stops and free rotating cap prevent any unwanted volume alteration.

Digital display always visible at a glance
Located on the front of the instrument, the display window allows set volume to be visible at all times
during pipetting. A comforting reassurance for the user.

Acura manual - general presentation

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