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Rotator/Mixer Intelli-Mixer RM-2M

Intelli Mixer Medium

With variable speed and vortex function. Including v-spin western blot protocol.

3 Units in one: Rotator, Blotter and Vortex

Drehzahlregelbereich 1 - 99 rpm

Part Number: 105.2021

The patent-pending „Vibro-Spin“ western blot protocol benefits from the vibration function of the Intelli-Mixer. The protocol has considerable improvements compated to the common method.

  • up to 20-fold higher sensitivity
  • up to 4-fold higher specifity
  • 3-5-fold faster
  • up to 12-fold lower need of reagents 

Rotator with variable speed plus vortex function

  • 12-Volt power supply
    ideal for incubators and humid environments
  • 23 different mixing programs
    from slow and smooth (hybridization)
    up to strong vortexing of test tubes
  • 3 sizes
  • For tubes from 0,5 ml to 50 ml
  • Programmable
  • Flash Memory Card
  • Advanced stepper motor control system
  • Sleep mode
  • Environmental temperature 2°C - 50°C
  • Max. rel. humidity 80 %

Intelli-Mixer only operate in combination with at least one rack.

 Item no.Description
105.2021LTF-Intelli-Mixer Model RM-2M Medium
up to 99 rpm, programmable, length 340 mm

Racks and Accessories for Rotator/Mixer Intelli-Mixer RM-2M

The presentation of the racks is exemplary
Part No.Exact Description
105.2047Blotting Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 630 M
6 x 30 mm tubes (horizontal)
105.2048Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 1030 M
10 x 30 mm tubes
105.2049Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 1616 M
16 x 16 mm tubes
105.2050Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 2613 M
26 x 13 mm tubes
105.2051Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 3011 M
30 x 11 mm tubes
105.2053Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M # 3009 M
30 x 9 mm tubes
105.2052Rack for Intelli-Mixer RM2M - Mixed
for 8x11, 8x13, 4x16 und 2x30 mm tubes
105.2055Rocking platform for Intelli-Mixer RM2-M

Intelli-Mixer RM-2 video user guide.

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