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Magnetic-/Heating Stirrer ARE

Concentrated magnetic flux with high magnetic power by applying the patented PCM technology.

1200 U/min

Part Number: 104.0802

Magnetic stirrer with a heating plate manufactured by aluminium casting. The heating plate is covered by a special protection assuring a very uniform heating distribution on the whole surface with a high resistance to chemicals.

Aluminium casted structure with an epoxy paint purposely studied assuring a high resistance to chemicals and mechanical corrosion in general Electronic speed control 50 ÷ 1200 rpm with continuous regulation. High strength driving magnet type PCM driver by a mono-phase motor for continuous operation.

Magnetic-/Heating Stirrer ARE


Diameter of heating plate

155 mm

Stirring capacity (H2O)

up to 10 Liter

Electronical speed control

10 - 1200 RPM

Ambient temperature

up to 370 °C


630 W


2,9 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D):

165 x 115 x 280 mm


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