Advanced Imaging Systems

Imaging system G:BOX mini

Imaging system G:BOX mini

G:BOX mini is a compact, multi-application imaging system for

  • accurately imaging fluorescence
  • visible gels
  • multiplexed fluorescence westerns
  • stain-free gels
  • chemiluminescent blots
6 - 9 Megapixels

Part Number: LTF00232

Fully integrated imaging system

Fully integrated with single click computer controlled intuitive GeneSys software, you'll get great results every time.
G:BOX mini features the option to use not just white LEDs but multi-colour, blue, green, red and infra-red high intensity LEDs which are up to 200 times  brighter than standard LEDs, giving you faster captures and brilliant multiplex fluorescence images.

Combining a unique motor driven stage and cooled high resolution 6 or 9 megapixel camera means your G:BOX mini can generate true-to-life, accurate   optical images, not just digitally enhanced ones. With a G:BOX mini you'll see separate close chemi and fluorescent bands or spots even on complex gels  and know they're really part of your data.

With our guarantee of free software upgrades not just today but throughout your system's life, your G:BOX mini will always have the latest imaging capabilities as new techniques come into the working lab.



SystemG:Box mini 6G:box mini 9
Imaging resolution (megapixels)69
Effective resolution (megapixels)1827
A/D16 bit16 bit
Quantum efficiency (@425nm)73%73%
Lens (motor driven)F0.95F0.95
motor driven stageTrue optical imagingTrue optical imaging
Filter wheel (7 position  motor driven)YesYes
UV filterYesYes
Use with external PC and printer (not included)YesYes
LightingG:Box mini 6G:box mini 9
Epi LED white lightsYesYes
HI-LED (red, blue, green)OptionalOptional
HI-LED (rot, infrarot)OptionalOptional
HI-LED (red, blue, green, infrared)OptionalOptional
Visible light converterOptionalOptional
Blue converter screenOptionalOptional
Slim slide-out UV transilluminator
(20cm x 20cm)

for 254, 302, 365nm

for 254, 302, 365nm

UltraSlim Blue LED transilluminator
Gel size (cm)

10 x 12
10 x 12
DimensionsG:Box mini 6G:box mini 9
Max image area15 x 1215 x 12
Min image area10 x 810 x 8
W x D x D (cm)40 x 64 x 5240 x 64 x 52
Weight (kg)4040
Power input (V)100-240100-240


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