Automated DNA Extraction/Detection

Extractor geneLEAD XII plus

Full automation from DNA/RNA extraction to Real-time PCR assays

The geneLEAD XII automates all operations from nucleic acid extraction to amplification and detection.
The instrument and reagent were also each designed in accordance with the European IVD Directive (98/79/EC) for safe operation, high quality, and user convenience.

Applications: veterinary / plants, research (RUO)


200 or 400 µl, 1 - 12 samples

Part Number: 112.9030


  • Full automation from DNA/RNA extraction to Real-time PCR assays
  • Multiple sample types can be handled by combining geneLEAD XII and MagDEA Dx SV reagent
  • 6ch florescent detection and 12ch independent control PCR are loaded
  • Multiple PCR Parameters/Cycles can be handled
  • Prevent contamination by using pre-filled reagent, extraction with Magtration® technology(handling magnetic particles inside the tip) and having a lane for each sample
  • One Protocol & One Reagent for Multiple Sample Types
  • Complete rapid nucleic acid extraction time: 90 minutes
Instrument typeBenchtop
DimensionsApproximately W1000×D750×H850 mm
WeightApproximately 190 kg
Number of samples12
Temperature controlPCR unit: 45 - 95°C (12-channel independent control)
Extraction unit: 70 - 95°C
Extraction sample liquid volume200 μL or 400 μL
PCR reaction liquid volume20 - 50 μL
Detection system6 channel fluorescent measurement
NoteCompliant with European IVD Directive (98/79/EC)

geneLEAD XII plus

Video visualizing Magtration® Technology

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