Automated DNA Extraction

Extractor magLEAD 5bL

Fully Automated Extraction

The unique Magtration (magnetic filtration) technology is able to optimally separate magnetic beads in a fully automated workflow.
magLEAD offers fast extraction of nucleic acids in less than 1.5 h per run.

5 ml, 1 - 5 samples

Part Number: 112.9020

Magnetic beads filtration with magLEAd Extractor

Magnetic beads are widely used in molecular biology because of their capacity to specifically and quantitatively bind nucleic acids, their straightforward handling and their unlimited scalability. Plastic expansible bellows tips minimize exposure to potentially infectious material.


  • Sealed bellows tips to reduce infection risk
  • A starting volume of 5 mL
  • Flexible loading of 1-5 samples
  • Fast extraction of nucleic acids:
  • Less than 1.5 h per run
  • Pre-filled consumables to minimize errors
Number of samples per run1 – 5
Sample volume5 ml
Elution volume1 ml
Process time< 1,5 hours
Sample matricesHuman whole blood (Under evaluation: serum, plasma, liquid biopsy samples, CSF, swabs)
Purified nucleic acidsgenomic DNA
(Under evaluation: circulating DNA, bacterial/viral DNA and RNA)
Extraction chemistrymagnetic bead-based
ConsumablesMagDEA Dx LV cartridges, bellows tips
Barcode information2D barcode on each reagent cartridge
Reagent storage conditionsAmbient temperature
Instrument functionsInternal UV lamp, SD card slot Optional: external bar code reader
Instrument dimensions660 × 450 × 670 mm (H x W x D)
Instrument weightapprox. 40 kg

Video visualizing Magtration® Technology

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