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Centrifuge Miniprep Master

Centrifuge with Mix, Spin and Shake Function

Miniprep Master™ is a revolutionary system that guides you every step of the way to a faster and better plasmid DNA miniprep.

This patented system allows users to quickly isolate bacterial plasmid DNA. Users spend up to 25% less time with the Miniprep Master™ semi-automated vortex and mixing functions.

Miniprep Master™ is compatible with all major commercial plasmid isolations kits (Qiagen, Thermo Scientific, Sigma).

Drehzahlregelbereich up to 13.500 RPM

Part Number: LTF00235

These unique features make Miniprep Master™ a necessary tool for obtaining high quality plasmid DNA for all downstream applications.


  • Gentle bacterial pellet re-suspension system
  • Innovative mixing of the Lysis and Neutralizing buffers, avoiding formation of bubbles and leaking of lysate
  • Pre-set programs for each step of nucleic extraction process
  • Elevation of temperature within the rotor chamber occurs in the final step, thus increasing the plasmid yield
  • Mix, Spin and Shake functions
  • Custom program for use with any extraction kit
  • Reduces user error
  • Saves reagents
  • Produces repeatable and accurate results
  • Plasmid DNA miniprep applications
  • 12 speed levels vortex
  • Quiet operation
  • vivid color LCD display
  • Imbalance control system with motion detector
  • Strong motor, generates minimum heat
  • Patented motor control driver
  • Ultra-smooth vibration-free run, due to unique drive chassis


Rotation speedbis zu 13.500 RPM
Max. centrifugal force12388 RCF
Timerfrom 0.1 up to 99 min
Vortex functions12
Custom modes2
Dimensions (L x W x H)200 x 180 x 145 mm
Power supply adapter24 VDC, 5A
Weight3.1 kg

Miniprep Master™ features the patented CarbonSpin rotor. This rotor is composed of precisely machined proprietary aluminium alloy, significantly improving efficiency and ventilation. To reduce the rotors weight while simultaneously increasing efficiency during intensive shake cycles, a custom carbon filter layer stability ring was implemented. The dependable design allows the user to spin and vigorously shake any substance, including heavy beads, for as long as the experiment requires. Rotor is provided with a specially designed lid, that allows to spin tubes with caps open loaded with columns.

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